Studying & living the Book of Acts together. 

Peter's Peculiar Vision

Tim Theule | Acts 9:32-10:23 | 4/23/2017

As we continue our MULTIPLY study of the book of Acts, we’ll see that after an absence of three chapters, the Apostle Peter takes the stage again to serve as a vital link to the emerging Gospel outreach to the Gentiles. 

The Growth of a New Disciple

Tim Theule | Acts 9:19-31 | 4/9/2017

While Saul's conversion was dramatic and almost immediate, his growth in grace and ministry was not.   The ingredients of Saul's growth are instructive for us at Grace Central Coast as we seek to make disciples who make disciples among our staff, adults, youth and kids.  

An Unexpected Convert

Tim Theule | Acts 9:1-20 | 4/2/2017

The conversion of Saul just might be the most famous conversion in history.  It's the next episode in our Multiply! study of the book of Acts and significant in so many practical ways.  

The Gospel to Africa

Tim Theule | Acts 8:26-40 | 3/26/2017

In Acts 8:26-30, the Gospel continues to move beyond Jerusalem and toward the 'ends of the earth' in fulfillment of Jesus' command in Acts 1:8.  Through a most surprising encounter, a disciple named Philip meets an Ethiopian eunuch and as a result the Gospel spreads to Africa.  

The Gospel Reaches Judea & Samaria

Ben Collins | Acts 8:1-8 | 3/19/2017

As Stephen's life comes to a close and Saul's persecution of Jesus's followers shifts into high gear, we wonder, 'What will happen to the Church?' In Acts 8 we find a surprising answer; the Church isn't snuffed out, instead it is sent out to transform and bring joy to Judea and Samaria through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

The Message of Stephen

Tim Theule | Acts 6:12-7:58 | 3/12/2017

In this message we look at the sermon of Stephen, the longest message recorded for us in the book of Acts.  Stephen's sermon is an answer to the accusation that he been speaking words against the temple and the law.  

The Man & Martyr Stephen

Tim Theule | Acts 6:8-7:1, 7:54-8:4 | 3/5/2017

Here we meet Stephen, the first martyr of the Christian church.  He's a disciple of Jesus who gives himself for the mission of Jesus.  What was he like and how was he used by God in life and death?  We explore these questions in this next message of our Multiply! study of the book of Acts. 

Growing Pains

Tim Theule | Acts 6:1-7 | 2/26/2017

Are you a 'church idealist'?  A 'church pessimist'?  Or a 'church realist'?  Acts 6:1-7 reminds us that the church has been flawed, broken and imperfect from the very beginning.  Here we discover realities that are true of early church, our church and every local church as we continue our 'Multiply!' study of the book of Acts.  

Speak all the Words of this Life

Tim Theule | Acts 5:12-42 | 2/19/2017

As we continue our 'Multiply' study of the book of Acts, we see in Acts 5:12-17 a great reminder of what the Gospel is, which also informs why we should share it.  

Signs and Wonders in the Early Church . . . and Today

Tim Theule | Acts 5:12-21a | 2/5/2017

Signs and wonders are all over the book of Acts.  What are we to make of these phenomena?  How are we to understand signs and wonders.  As we continue our 'Multiply' study of the book of Acts, we look 'head on' at this intriguing issue.  

What Happened When the Early Church Prayed

Tim Theule | Acts 10:1-22 | 1/22/2017

The last in our mini series on prayer throughout the book of Acts, this message looks at the many ways God speaks, shows up and acts in response to the prayers of His people.  May the testimony of the book of Acts motivate us to devoted, fervent, passionate praying in 2017!  

When the Early Church Prayed

Tim Theule | Acts 14:21-23, Acts 16:23-26, Acts 20:17-19, Acts 20:36-38, Acts 21:4-6 | 1/15/2017

In this message, we continue our study of prayer in the book of Acts, a mini series within our larger Acts series.  Having previously looked at HOW the Early Church prayed, here we explore WHEN the Early Church prayed.

How the Early Church Prayed

Tim Theule | Acts 1:14, Acts 2:42, Acts 4:31, Acts 6:3-4, Acts 13:1-3 | 1/1/2017

On this first Sunday of 2017, as we jump back into our series in Acts, we take a look at the priority of prayer in the early church as a jumpstart for our own praying individually and corporately. 

Discipline in the Church

Tim Theule | Acts 4:32-5:16 | 11/20/2016

The story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 is troubling to contemporary audiences.  Why is it here and what are God's people in all ages intended to learn from it?  

Missional Praying

Tim Theule | Acts 4:18-31 | 11/13/2016

What is our response when opposition/suffering/resistance arises to our faith and the Gospel?  In the second half of Acts 4, we see the surprising and unexpected way the Early Church responded to the first opposition to the Gospel. 

We Cannot But Speak

Tim Theule | Acts 4:1-22 | 11/6/2016

As we look at Acts 4:1-22, we see 4 characteristics of the early church that we hope and pray and desire to be true of Grace Central Coast.  

Due to some of the content shared in this message and security concerns for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world, we have opted to not post this message publicly on our website or social sites. To request a link and password to listen or watch this message, please contact our Tech Director, Eric Flores at  

Undeniable Miracle, Messiah & Mission

Ben Collins | Acts 3:1–26 | 10/30/2016

An undeniable miracle done in Jesus' name creates the context for the call for repentance and faith that Jesus is truly God's promised Messiah and that he is alive and well and still working blotting out sin and healing. The Jewish crowds as well as us today are called to repentance and faith and to fulfill our call to be a blessing to all the families of the earth in Jesus' name. 

The New Testament Church is Born!

Jeff Jennings | Acts 2:22-47 | 10/23/2016

The explanation of Pentecost is truly about the Person of Jesus Christ. Peter makes this very clear in his first New Covenant sermon tying the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the sovereign hand of God the Father and by pointing to the universal need for repentance and faith brought about on that day by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

What is Pentecost?

Tim Theule | Acts 2:1-21 | 10/16/2016

We often think of the redemptive work of Jesus as His 'life, death and resurrection', but really the work of Jesus is His 'life, death, resurrection, ascension and giving of the Spirit.'  In this message, we tackle Acts 2:1-21 and ask the question together, 'What is Pentecost?' 

Waiting for the Spirit

Tim Theule | Acts 1:1-26 | 10/9/2016

As we jump into the text of Acts 1, we look at 3 facts about the author of Acts, 4 events that happen in Acts 1, and 2 errors made by the first followers of Jesus that can keep us from the MULTIPLY mission that Jesus has given us.  

Multiply: How It Happens in the Early Church and in Our Church

Tim Theule | Acts 2:36-47 | 10/2/2016

By way of introduction and challenge, as we kick off our new MULTIPLY series in the book Acts and a new season here at Grace Central Coast, this message provides a 'fly over' of the early chapters of Acts to see how the early church multiplied and how our church can too.  

Multiply - GraceSLO Fall Kick Off 2016

Tim Theule | Acts 1:1-11 | 9/25/2016

MULTIPLY!  It's our Jesus-given mission. It explains how we exist, why we exist and everything we do as a church.  Today as we kick off the fall, we see the origin of our multiply mission as a launch to our study of the book of Acts.

Multiply - Grace5Cities Fall Kick Off 2016

Tim Theule | Acts 1:1-11 | 9/18/2016

MULTIPLY!  It's our Jesus-given mission. It explains how we exist, why we exist and everything we do as a church.  Today as we kick off the fall, we see the origin of our multiply mission as a launch to our study of the book of Acts.