Welcome to GraceSLO!

Our Sunday Morning Worship Services, at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 AM, are the center our life together. We hope you'll come and worship with us.  


What to Expect . . .

  • A warm friendly welcome :: You are our guest and our desire is that you feel our welcome.

  • A diverse, intergenerational church family ::  GraceSLO is a place where college students, families and adults of all ages and life stages worship together.  We welcome children in our worship services and encourage "Family Worship."

  • Relevant systematic teaching from the Bible ::   We believe that the Bible is not a book of rules or a book of good advice, but a story of redemption that climaxes in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. 

  • Eclectic, Gospel-centered worship ::  Our music is varied and diverse, including a range of styles and instrumentation.   Our contemporary worship teams are complemented by an orchestra, choirs and the inclusion of an organ. 

First Time Here?

If you're checking out GraceSLO and plan to visit on a Sunday, here are some practical things you''ll want to know . . .

  • Service Times :: 8, 9:30 & 11 AM .  Services typically run 70 to 80 minutes.  
  • Parking :: One of the unique things about GraceSLO is that we don't have a parking lot.   There is plenty of street parking around the church and Mitchell Park. There is also a multi level parking structure just a block away on Marsh Street.    Parking in the structure is free on Sunday mornings.
  • Welcome Centers ::   One is located at the entrance to the Courtyard on the Pismo side of our Campus.  The other is located just inside the main entrance on the Osos side of the campus.   A member of our welcome team will be happy to direct you to classes for your kids and help you find your way around our campus.
  • Family Cry Room ::  We welcome children in our worship services.  Our Family Cry Room is available for moms, dads and baby and is located in the back of the sanctuary. A one-way viewing window and closed-circuit TV help connect the Family Cry Room to the worshipping congregation, while maintaining privacy.
  • Stuff for Kids & Students ::  Sunday School for kids of all ages and students is offered during our 9:30 service.   Middle School and High School Groups also meet during the 9:30 hour.   Sunday School for infants through kindergarten is offered during the 8 & 11 hours.  Older children are invited to worship with the parents during those two services.  College students worship in the main service during the 9:30 hour and then together for worship, fellowship and study during the 11:00 service.  
  • Getting to Know GraceSLO ::  An introduction to GraceSLO is offered during the fall and spring and includes a Welcome Lunch where new folks have a chance to meet and interact with our Pastors and Ministry Staff.  Click HERE for more.

Where to Begin . . .

There's a lot going on at GraceSLO and there are lots of opportunities to learn, grow and connect.  When you come into a new church, it's tough to know where to begin to get involved.  As you start to get involved, we encourage you to prioritize your involvment along these lines . . .

  • Priority #1:  Attend Sunday Worship Service at 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00 AM.  If you've only got time for one thing in your schedule, choose this.  Our worship service is the center of our life as a church, and the thing that drives everything else we do.  It's in the worship service that our diverse inter-generational family of GraceSLO comes to unite and worship the Lord together, hear the preaching of God's Word, partake of the Lord's Supper, and cheerfully give to the work of the Lord. 
  • Priority #2:  Commit to a Growth Group.   Growth Groups are where we connect with, commit to and care for one another.  Growth Groups are where we grapple with and apply the Gospel together.  Growth Groups are where we really can practice all those "one another" commands. . . . not in a group of 400 people on a Sunday morning, or even a group of 40 people, but in a group of 6 - 12 people where we can open up and share our lives.  Growth Groups make a big church feel like a small church.
  • Priority #3:  Get Your Students to Wednesday Evening Middle School and High School stuff.  In today's world, we believe Christian students need to be together regularly and often for mutual spiritual encouragement.  

We believe connection with and commitment to a local church is vital for those who follow Jesus Christ.  We're delighted you're exploring GraceSLO.  If we can help in any way, please contact any of our Ministry Staff.  Welcome to GraceSLO!